ANT 100: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology**

Class Program
Credits 3

Fall, Summer
This is a survey course in which students will learn the terminology that describes the field of cultural anthropology. In addition to learning the classical principles of anthropology, students will explore the structures that make up cultures and cultural dilemmas. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of accurate research, observation, and data collection that will help anthropologists understand culture. This course focuses on the thesis that every society is based upon an integrated culture that satisfies human needs and facilitates survival. This course examines diverse cultures from the far reaches of the earth as well as the way that American subcultures fit into the broad range of human possibilities. The majority of multimedia lessons in this course are multicultural in their approach; there are also several ethnographic studies of individual societies. These studies guide the student toward deeper exploration of the layers of culture which make a given culture successful.

**This course is part of the 30 credit transfer framework agreement with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities.