All students receiving financial aid and withdrawing from the College, either officially or unofficially, should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing. Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to adjust your award amounts you are eligible to receive based on your last date of attendance. You may be responsible to return award money for the portion of the semester you did not attend. You will receive a letter from Student Financial Services notifying you of your obligation. Depending on the calculation, you may owe money back to Penn Highlands and/or the Department of Education.

NOTE: If at mid-semester, a student has all "F" grades, the Financial Aid Office will assume the student stopped attending all classes. A recalculation will be performed to determine earned aid. The student will be financially responsible for any remaining balance due to the Department of Education and/or the College. The Financial Aid Office will mail a Return to Title IV Funds Award Notification to the student. The student will have the opportunity to provide proof of attendance and completed coursework, at which time the Financial Aid Office will reevaluate earned aid. If it is determined that the student never attended any classes or completed any work, the student is not entitled to receive Title IV Funds.