The Department of Education may randomly select a student's FAFSA application for a review process called verification. The school also reserves the right to select a student's application. The Financial Aid Office will notify you through your college assigned email if your FAFSA application has been selected for review.

Students are encouraged to return required documents to the college within a 14-day time frame. If a student fails to submit the required documents, the verification process cannot be completed and financial aid cannot be awarded. The student will be responsible for all charges incurred for the academic year. Students may submit the required documents after the deadline set by the school. All documents must be submitted within 120 days from the last date of enrollment or the deadline date that is published in the Federal Register for the academic year, whichever comes first. 

Financial Aid will not be determined until all documents are received, the verification process is completed and the student has met the requirements for financial aid.

If a student is not selected for verification, but needs to make corrections to their FAFSA, corrections can be made:

  • online at
  • at the Financial Aid Office
  • to the original Student Aid Report you received and mailed back to the Federal Student Aid Information Center for processing.