Use of Cords and Stoles at Commencement

Honor Cords - an honor cord is a token consisting of twisted cords with tassels on either end. Their wearing signifies specific academic achievement or membership in a recognized academic honor group or society. By tradition, more than one cord may be worn at the same time.

  • Honor Cords shall represent graduates that have distinguished themselves with GPAs ranging from 4.0-3.50.
  • Cords shall represent academic and leadership-based, College-recognized, honor societies.
  • The College provides Honor Cords to graduates at no cost.
  • Graduation stoles may also be worn to signify achievement or participation through college organizations.

Graduation Stole - a graduation stole is a decorative vestment worn by students who are members of college organizations for the purpose of recognizing achievement. A stole takes the form of a cloth, scarf-like garment worn over the shoulders and adorned with the organization's colors and/or insignia. Stoles may be worn by College recognized honor societies and student organizations that are registered with, and recognized by, the Student Activities Office.

  • Members of these organizations are eligible to wear graduation stoles with the approval of the Vice President of Student Services.
  • A graduating student may wear no more than two stoles of their choosing.
  • The student is responsible for the cost of any such regalia. The Student Activities Office can assist students with the ordering of graduation stoles.
  • For a complete list of registered student organizations, please see the Activities tab on myPEAK.

Medallions - may be worn for Academic purposes only. For example, medallions that represent your role in the All PA Academic Team may be worn. Students are responsible for obtaining their medallions via the honoring organization or group.