Student Parking

Students are authorized to park in designated areas only. At the Richland Campus students must park in lot D, located on the west side of the building or lot E which is located on the north side of the building. Parking in Visitor and Handicapped spaces is prohibited as is parking in the Employee Parking Lot at the Richland Campus. Fire department regulations prohibit parking in fire lanes.

The Office of Security and Safety at the Richland Campus, is authorized to enforce parking regulations and may issue tickets and fines for parking violations at the Richland Campus. Security may also have a vehicle towed at the owner's expense.


The Richland Campus has no parking areas. No person shall park a vehicle attended or unattended at any time in any of the following places:

  1. In a loading zone, unless a vehicle is being loaded or unloaded and warning flashers are operating.
  2. In any area other than those regularly designated as parking spaces and which are marked by lines, markings, or signs.
  3. On a sidewalk.
  4. In a crosswalk.
  5. Within fifteen feet of either side of a fire hydrant or in fire lanes.
  6. In intersections or within thirty feet of an intersection.
  7. In such a manner as to impede the flow traffic.
  8. In restricted areas (posted by signs, yellow curb, or hash lines).
  9. In any reserved space.
  10. In any disabled/handicapped parking space, unless the vehicle is designated "disabled" by permit, placard, or registration plate.
  11. On or across lines that denote a legal parking space.


Violations of disabled/handicapped parking will result in a fine of $50, and the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense. All other parking violations will result in a ticket with a $15 fine and/or the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.


Requests for review of a parking ticket must be made in writing by email to the Director of Security and Safety ( When a parking ticket is appealed, payment must be made at the time of appeal. The Vice President of Finance and Administration will review the ticket and will make a decision as to the outcome of the review. If a ticket is dismissed, a refund payment will be made through the Student Accounts Office to the person making the appeal.

Expenses incurred concerning the removal (tow) of a vehicle are the responsibility of the owner. Those costs are nonrefundable and the removal of the vehicle cannot be appealed.


All College parking tickets issued shall be paid at the Student Accounts Office, located at the Richland Campus, within fourteen (14) days of issue date. Tickets not paid within the fourteen (14) days, will increase by $5, making the total due $20. Failure to pay a fine or report to the Office of Security and Safety may result in a hold being placed on student transcripts.