Student Grievance Process for Non-Academic Matters

The student grievance process is available to students who have concerns regarding non-academic matters such as violations of College policy not related to Code of Conduct violations (transportation policy, admissions, facility use). If a resolution cannot be achieved or differences have not been resolved through discussion with the involved college representative and the student seeks additional mediation, the student may initiate a formal grievance process.

1.      Students must submit their complaint in writing to the Director of Student Activities and Athletics within 10 calendar days of the date in which the incident or the complaint occurred. In the written complaint, the student will describe his or her concerns, the events that led to those concerns, and what the student seeks as a possible remedy.

2.      Upon receipt of the grievance the Director of Student Activities and Athletics will forward the grievance to the appropriate Director or Dean who will speak with the student and any other persons believed to be a part of the grievance in an effort to establish the facts surrounding the grievance. Within five business days of receiving the grievance for review and following a thorough review of the grievance, the Director/Dean will provide the student with information regarding the results of the review and inform the student of any action to be taken to remedy the situation and a timeframe in which this remedy will occur.

3.      If no amicable solution can be reached by the Director/Dean and the student, the Director of Student Activities and Athletics will convene the Student Grievance Committee. The Student Grievance Committee will review the written grievance provided by the student, all documentation associated with the Director/Deans review of the grievance and any recommended remedies. Upon review of these documents, the Student Grievance Committee will render a written recommendation and will notify the student of this recommendation within 5 business days.