SOC 200: Contemporary Social Issues

Class Program
Credits 3

Fall, Spring
This course text examines and debates the nature and causes of each major social problem currently experienced in the United States. The course explores the parameters which define a course as a social problem and then explores social control and social action with respect to each particular problem. All lesson content uses both a micro to macro approach to the problem under study, pointing out the interrelationships among today's social problems and the several perspectives which can be used to evaluate the problem. Socio-political solutions are presented for each chapter, surveying both political and private attempts to alleviate the problem. Current methods used for studying social problems are examined and practiced. Data relating to social problems is collected and discussed in class. Current issues relating to governmental initiatives, social movements and unintended consequences form the basis of debate. Technology will be a thread throughout the entire course. The ability of technology to influence social problems, positively and negatively, underscores the future solutions to our American social issues.