Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office coordinates the registration process for students. All student records are managed and maintained in the Registrar's Office. Students may obtain the following services through this office:

Students may obtain the following services through this office:

  • Transcripts
  • Enrollment Verification Letters
  • Assistance with Grading Problems
  • Course Schedule Information
  • Name and/or Address Change Forms
  • Assistance with Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from Classes
  • Registration Information
  • Repeating a Course
  • Auditing a Course
  • Graduation Application
  • Class Cancellations
  • Prerequisite Waivers
  • Residency Classification and Verification
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Contact and Information
  • Educational Record Review


Pennsylvania Highlands offers a variety of classes outlined in the Course Schedule, which is produced two times per year for three terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students can register online via the myPEAK portal or by paper form through a College location or the Registrar's Office. Instructions can be found on the online registration page of myPEAK.

Upon enrollment, the student enters into an agreement to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations that govern the institution and expectations for student conduct. The student is responsible for following proper registration procedures and for satisfying the College curriculum and graduation requirements. If a student is interested in transferring, it is the student's responsibility to coordinate the course of study between that institution and Pennsylvania Highlands. Students who are pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate are encouraged to work with an academic advisor when scheduling courses each semester. By doing so, the student will ensure that he or she is taking the appropriate courses for completing his or her selected major.


Meeting graduation requirements is ultimately the responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisors in selecting courses to meet their educational objectives. Students must apply for graduation before the specified deadline for the semester. Application due dates are announced throughout the year and are communicated through the Registrar's Office via the myPEAK portal. Applications are available at all locations and the College's website. Commencement ceremonies are the culmination of the student's program of study. Each spring Pennsylvania Highlands Community College conducts a graduation ceremony at which time faculty, staff, family, and friends come together to recognize the academic achievements of the year's graduates. All eligible degree, diploma, and certificate candidates are encouraged to participate in commencement activities. In order to be eligible to graduate, all students must have:

In order to be eligible to graduate, all students must have:

  • Satisfied all requirements for the course of study.
  • Taken at least 1/2 of the required coursework at Pennsylvania Highlands.
  • Achieved a grade point average of 2.0 or better as required by program of study.
  • Fulfilled all of their financial obligations to Pennsylvania Highlands.
  • Filed an application for Graduation:
    • Application Deadline for Fall - November 1
    • Application Deadline for Spring - March
    • Application Deadline for Summer - June 30