Refund of Tuition Policy

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has a policy whereby a portion of the tuition will be credited to the student's account if the student officially drops or withdraws from a course during a designated refund period. Course drops or withdrawals are official only after the required forms have been signed, submitted to the Registrar's Office and processed. Non-attendance in classes does not constitute an official withdrawal from the class or from the College. It is the student's responsibility, if receiving financial aid, to check on their eligibility prior to adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class or withdrawing from the college.  Students are responsible for all charges on their account.

A student is eligible for a refund if:

  • The College has cancelled the student's class.
  • A student has officially dropped or withdrawn from a class during a designated refund period; a reversal of tuition and fees will be calculated to determine if the student is due a refund.