PSY 100: General Psychology**

Class Program
Credits 3

Fall, Spring, Summer
This course is a general introduction to the scientific study of the brain, behavior, and mental processes of humans and animals, with emphasis on the goals of psychology: to describe, explain, predict, and control behavior. Students examine the substance of psychology such as biopsychology, sensation and perception, learning, memory, cognitive processes, affective behaviors, and mental illness through an examination of the theories, principles, and methods of research used in the field. Examples and applications enable the student to acquire the elements of critical thinking as adapted to the research environment. Students produce an APA formatted research paper. This course applies the fundamental principles of psychology as a natural science. Students explore current research through reading original empirical research and write an APA formatted analytic research paper.

**This course is part of the 30 credit transfer framework agreement with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities.