Process for Degree, Diploma, or Certificate Seeking Students

  1. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office by telephone, office visit, or email to discuss majors, financial aid, and educational goals. This helps to provide complete and thorough information about the College and ensure accuracy in the application process.
  2. Prospective students are required to complete a College Application. There is no application fee and online applications are available via the College's website (
  3. Prospective students must have an official high school transcript, GED transcript, or HISet scoresheet sent directly to the Admissions Office via email ( or physical mail (101 Community College Way, Johnstown, PA 15904). Students who apply during their senior year of high school must also have an official transcript sent upon graduation.

    Any transcript received from a source other than the original educational institution will be considered unofficial and must be followed up with an official transcript.
  4. Applicants with prior college credit must have an official transcript sent from all institutions attended.
  5. Upon completion of the application process, an acceptance letter will be issued, and students may be required to complete placement testing to measure academic proficiency in English, reading, and mathematics. This requirement may be waived for students who meet placement testing waiver guidelines found in the Student Success Center section of this catalog and online (
  6. Upon receipt of placement scores or achieving academic proficiency, students will be eligible to register for classes.
  7. A student who declares a major, completes the admissions process, formally has been accepted to the College, is pursuing a degree, diploma, or certificate, and works with an academic advisor is considered a matriculated student. Only matriculated students are eligible for financial aid. Students who matriculate into a program during the fall term will be assigned a catalog year of the current academic year. Students who matriculate during the spring or summer terms may be assigned to the upcoming catalog year. Catalog year assignment will be coordinated and documented through the Registrar's Office.