Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment is an alliance of education and community whose purpose is to enhance the personal and professional goals of both individuals and groups. The Continuing Education Department surveys community needs and interests and develops and offers customized programs according to the assessed needs for individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, and agencies throughout our region.

Courses are continually evaluated and updated, with the goal of creating positive, fun and rewarding experiences to enrich our community. If you have a subject area of interest that is not offered, we can often find an instructor and design a course just for your group.

For more information regarding Personal Enrichment, contact us by calling 814-262-6441 or via email at

Personal Enrichment Goals

  • To provide educational opportunities through the use of school and community resources.
  • To enable learners to become responsible, independent contributors in the community.
  • To ensure that every person realizes life-long learning opportunities and fulfills a productive role in their community.
  • To assess the needs and interests of the general community.
  • To originate, develop, and nurture new non-credit programs.
  • To enrich lives and position participants at the forefront of technological and educational advances.
  • To enhance the skill base and general knowledge of the community.
  • To customize programming to meet the needs of individual community members and groups.
  • To serve as an outreach arm of the College and strengthen the regional community and economy.

Sampling of Personal Enrichment Offerings

  • Learn to Make Nut Rolls
  • Cake Decorating
  • Basic Computers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Smartphone Learning
  • Learning Calligraphy through a series of courses
  • The fun side of Mixology
  • Mocktails - Non-alcohol side of Mixology