PLG 295: Paralegal Internship

Class Program
Credits 3

This course is a field experience which requires 135 contact hours in a law office or legal-related setting (or any business or government setting that utilizes paralegals in their work). Students are required to submit a resume and apply to an agency or organization willing to work with our interns prior to the semester in which they intend to be enrolled in this course. This may be a paid or unpaid position. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College will NOT find you an internship; however, you may secure an internship with the assistance of faculty. The student will be supervised by an on-site agency or organizational supervisor. Interns are required, as per this syllabus and any attached addendum by faculty, to submit various assignments/assessments as outlined throughout the internship process. In addition, students will be required to fulfill all agency requirements and duties. Students are expected to exhibit ethical and professional behavior in their internship setting.


At least 30 credits completed toward the completion of the Paralegal Studies program.