Online Courses

Online learning is learner-driven, internet-based instruction delivered via an online platform. Online learning is ideal for students with work obligations, family obligations, travel constraints, or time/schedule conflicts. Students are able to access their online materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week via any internet-accessible computer.

Online courses are led by Pennsylvania Highlands faculty and utilize the Internet to deliver instructional materials, assignments, exams, and discussions. Online courses require the same competencies as equivalent campus courses and are considered more academically challenging and writing intensive because all communication is written. Coursework may consist of online assignments, group work, class discussions, quizzes, exams and more. Online courses allow students to complete work and assignments at their convenience; however, weekly participation as well as labs or proctored exams may be mandatory.

Pennsylvania Highlands offers complete academic programs in an online environment thorough the College's Online Campus. The programs that have been selected for Penn Highlands Online have been designed to ensure that students get the same learning experience as those on campus. All online courses are taught by the same faculty that teach the College's face-to-face courses. Students taking online courses have access to the same support services as all Penn Highlands' students but, have the flexibility to learn at a place and time that is convenient for them.

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