Minimal Credit Requirement

To be awarded an Associate Degree from Pennsylvania Highlands, students shall complete a minimum of 50% of the required credit hours at the College.

The following types of successfully earned credits shall constitute the student Minimal Credit requirement:

  • Credits earned from Pennsylvania Highlands courses taught on or off-campus, including Dual Enrollment.

  • Pennsylvania Highlands distance learning courses originating from or received at the College.

Although Pennsylvania Highlands Community College evaluates prior learning and will apply credits as appropriate to a degree, diploma, or certificate program, the following types of credits do not contribute to a student's minimal credit requirement:

  • Credits transferred from another institution.

  • Credit awarded for successful completion of a course examination (credit by exam).

  • Credit awarded through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

  • Credit awarded for Advance Placement Examinations.

  • Credit awarded for Military Training.

  • Credit awarded by an area Career and Technology Center.

  • Credit awarded for Life Experience.