Military Leave

A student who is called to active duty during the semester and provides a copy of appropriate military orders may choose one of the following options:

  • A student may choose to totally withdraw from all of his/her classes and receive a full refund for tuition and fees. This option requires that the student withdraw from every course and receive no grade for any course taken during the semester. Moreover, a designation of Military Leave will be added to the official transcript for the student indicating deployment.  Any student who has elected to use this option may be readmitted for the next semester in which the student wishes to return. The student's academic standing at the time of readmission shall remain as it was prior to the call to active military duty.

  • If a substantial part of the semester has been completed by the student and the student is called for active military duty, the student may meet with each instructor to determine an appropriate course of action. An incomplete grade may be assigned with an extended time period for completion.