Internet Guidelines

Access to the Internet from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is a privilege, not a right, and abusers may lose access to College computers. All College Internet users must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Students and employees may access the Internet from designated areas on campus during open lab hours. Class activities take priority over open lab time.
  2. Access to the Internet should be used for purposes relative to classroom and work assignments and not for recreational purposes. Unless directly related to a specific class assignment or College activity, the use of chat rooms is specifically prohibited.
  3. Access to the Internet may not be used for unethical, illegal, or criminal activities.
  4. Access time may be limited due to the number of people online and equipment availability.
  5. Downloading files from the Internet to the hard drives of lab PCs or to network storage devices is prohibited unless authorized by a member of the information technology (IT) staff or by an Instructor for the completion of a class assignment.