HSC 151: Health Assessment and Patient Care Skills

Class Program
Credits 3 Lecture Hours 2 Lab Hours 1

This course is designed to prepare students with the basic knowledge of patient health assessment. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to provide vital patient care under the direct supervision of a nurse or physician. This course will provide instruction on how to assess vital signs and measurements, how to care for catheters, how to provide oxygen therapy, as well as how to perform ECGs and phlebotomy procedures. Students will learn about the supplies and equipment needed to assist with basic patient care needs such as bathing, toileting, and other activities of daily living (ADL). This course also provides first aid and CPR training.  It is important that students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in this course; therefore, students will be expected to participate in role play, simulation skills, and hands-on practice activities during class time.

Health Science students must earn a "C" or higher in all HSC courses in order to graduate from their respective programs.