Grading System

Letter Grade Grade Points  Description
A 4 Superior/Excellent 
B 3 Good/Above Average
C 2 Satisfactory/Average
D 1 Pass/Unsatisfactory 
I 0 Incomplete
IP 0 In Progress
F 0 Failure 
W 0 Withdrawal
S 0 Satisfactory 
U 0 Unsatisfactory 
RD 0 Report Delayed 
AU 0 Audit 

Calculating Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by multiplying the point value of each grade earned by the number of semester hours of credit of the course for which the grade is received The total of these products is then divided by the total number of semester hours of credit.

Example of Grade Point Average Calculation Point Values: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.

Letter Grade   Point Value of Grade   Semester Hours of Credit   Grade Points
C = 2.0 X 3 = 6
B = 3.0 X 4 = 12
A = 4.0 X 3 = 12
C = 2.0 X 3 = 6
B = 3.0 X 3 = 9


45 grade points divided by 16 semester hours = 2.81 grade point average or GPA.

Incomplete Grade Policy

An incomplete grade (I-Grade) is reserved for students who have completed at least 75 percent of the coursework and have a passing grade in the course at the time of the request. Consideration for an incomplete grade may only be given if there are extenuating documentable circumstances such as a serious illness or personal adversity that prevents completion of the course by the scheduled end date for the class. The request is made by the student to the instructor of the course. The instructor has the sole discretion to award or not award an incomplete grade. The instructor will complete the "Incomplete Contract (I-Grade)" form, stating the conditions to be met, including the following: any assignments to complete, date by which assignments and tests must be completed, and the grade if those conditions are not met. Both the student and instructor will sign the form, and one copy will be given to the student, and one will be submitted to the Registrar on or prior to the date when final grades are due. If a grade change form is not submitted to the Registrar by the date specified on the "Incomplete Contract (I-Grade)" form, then the Registrar will change the incomplete grade to the grade entered on the "Incomplete Contract (I-Grade)" form.

Grades Policy

Only teaching faculty members can assign grades. No student's grade may be altered without the approval of the faculty member assigning the grade, in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, except as follows:

1.      If a faculty member leaves the employment of the College for any reason, the College shall assume the responsibility for grading the students.

2.      If a student has successfully appealed his/her grade through the appeals process, the faculty member or Vice President for Academic Affairs will change the grade. If the Vice President changes the grade, the faculty member will receive written notification of the grade change.