ECE 298: Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood

Credits 3

This course is a comprehensive review of assessment theory, practice, and tools used to effectively assess a child's level of achievement and prepare educational strategies to engage the child at the next level of competence. Assessment is viewed as an ongoing process rather than an ending to an educational experience. This course provides the most current research and practical guides to integrate authentic assessment with effective teaching, including the study of PA mandated assessments for PreK through Kindergarten. An introduction to assessments used in 1-4th grade is presented. The course will use material and pre-service experience to interpret and use assessment information once it has been collected. The course is developed around the constructivist approach, recognizing and adapting assessment techniques to accommodate cultural and individual differences. Students learn how to adapt the learning environment for special needs students. This course requires 20 hours of observation/participation. The students are required to complete a final presentation of an electronic graduation portfolio.


Acts 34, 114, and 151 Clearances