CRJ 295: Criminal Justice Internship

Class Program
Credits 3

As Needed
The internship is the field experience for students majoring in Criminal Justice, and utilizes a concurrent model of field education. This model affords students the opportunity to simultaneously practice in the field and uses seminars as a forum to improve their service skills and enhance their team building skills. Students coordinate their internship experience with the faculty internship advisor and the site supervisor at the location of the field experience. The internship is designed to enable the student to experience increasing levels of responsibility within the fieldwork facility. The field experience is a minimum of 150 hours on site, along attendance at regularly scheduled internship seminar meetings. Students may intern at their work site with approval from the faculty internship advisor or may choose an internship position available in the community.


Students must complete 30 credits with a 2.0 GPA to qualify for the internship program. Background checks and clearances may be required prior to beginning an approved internship; please consult with your internship advisor during the mandatory internship meeting.