CIT 294: Ethical Hacking

Credits 3

The need for security against attackers who compromise networks is growing every day. There is a real need for security professionals who are able to conduct test attacks on their network as a way to discover vulnerabilities before attackers do. The Ethical Hacking course is a hands-on course to help students develop these skills. The course will also help you to build the skills of creativity and critical thinking which will be necessary to think like a "hacker." The newest tools and techniques used to find any vulnerability and exploit in a network will also be introduced in the course, as well as web filtering, Intrusion Protection Systems, and virtualization. This course will prepare students to get certified as an Ethical Hacker by readying them for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50. Students should have basic computer technology and networking knowledge to be successful in this course.


CIT 132 Local Area Networks or CIT 194 Networking Basics or at least 2 years' prior experience in computer networking / technology.