Academic Standing

Pennsylvania Highlands faculty and staff consider student learning and academic success to be their top priorities. Whether or not a student achieves success, however, will depend largely on student effort, time management and study habits, class attendance, and his/her willingness to constructively utilize the College's many learning support resources. 

Any time a student's Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below a 2.0, the student is said to be "NOT in Good Academic Standing." The student is thereby on notice that significant changes may be necessary to meet the student's educational and career goals since no student may graduate with less than a 2.0 GPA.       

The College will monitor a student's grades and issue notices of warning or probation when grades do not meet these standards. Students who stay in Good Academic Standing are more likely to advance from one course to the next as needed and earn their degree in a timely fashion.     

Students who fail to maintain Good Academic Standing will be notified of their status and any conditions required for their continuation. Students who have extenuating circumstances or specific grounds to appeal either their grades or their academic standing may do so as outlined in the Academic Grievance Procedure.

Recognizing the challenges new students face in transitioning to College, first semester students with a .99 CGPA or less will not face Academic Suspension. These students will be placed on Probation with appropriate credit and/or course restrictions and urged to take advantage of the many College academic and student support services available to them.

Standards for Academic Standing 

Cumulative Credit Hours Attempted  Cumulative Grade Point Average Below 2.0  
1-15 1.50 - 1.99 ACADEMIC WARNING
16-30 1.75 - 1.99 ACADEMIC WARNING
31 and up 1.80 - 1.99 ACADEMIC WARNING


This status serves to inform students that their performance is below the level required for successful completion of an academic program. Students in this status are strongly urged to seek academic support and assistance. Students who fail to meet the standards for academic standing at the completion of an academic semester or summer session will be placed on academic warning. While on academic warning, students should consider limiting the amount of credits they take during any subsequent semester. Students are removed from warning only when the cumulative GPA is a 2.0 or higher.


Students whose grades place them in more serious academic jeopardy as outlined above will be placed on Probation. While on Academic Probation, a student may schedule no more than twelve credits per semester. Students on Probation are strongly urged to meet with their faculty advisor and/or Student Success Center staff to assess their educational goals, learning strategies and styles, priorities, time management, and other needs.


Students whose grades are significantly below 2.0 as outlined above will be suspended. Students who are suspended may not matriculate at Pennsylvania Highlands for a period of one semester. Students who are on suspension may enroll in classes as part-time, non-matriculated students and receive tutoring services during their suspension.

Reinstatement following Academic Suspension

A suspended student wishing to be readmitted to the College as a matriculated (degree seeking) student following a period of suspension must complete an application for reinstatement to the College along with the regular College admission application. The Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee will review the student's academic record, including high school and college transcripts, placement test scores, along with information provided on the Reinstatement Application and make an admission decision or recommendation to admit or not admit based on his/her assessment of the student's ability to benefit from a return to matriculated status. Students who are reinstated following Academic Suspension will be reinstated on Academic Probation.