Academic Forgiveness

Under rare circumstances, a student may petition the Chief Academic Officer (or a designee) for academic forgiveness. If a student is granted academic forgiveness, then courses where the student earned D or F grades are exempted from the calculation of his/her cumulative grade point average (GPA) at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. However, these exempted courses and their grades will remain on the student's transcript.

In order to be eligible for academic forgiveness, students must complete 12 new or repeated credits earning a minimum GPA of 2.0 (grade of C or higher in all classes) following either a return to the College after a minimum 18-month absence or a change of major. General education and program course requirements for the chosen major must be retaken and are not eligible for academic forgiveness.

Students are only eligible for Academic Forgiveness one time. Students interested in applying for Academic Forgiveness must obtain the proper request form from the Registrar's Office to begin the process.